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New zone 'Sai' Hall now open for booking.

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Sai Hall

Rin at Raintree

The name 'Rin' was inspired by the Japanese word 林 - meaning Forest.
The concept of our halls resonates a reference to nature, each with its own distinctiveness.

  • Sila Hall

    Located in the front zone, Sila Hall looks into the tropical garden with a circular terrace having the aesthetics of stone and decorative greenery.

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  • Tarn Hall

    Placed right next to SILA Hall, tarn hall boasts a grand view of the emerald pond infusing neutral hues of stone, wood and natural lighting.

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  • Sai Hall

    Named after the 'Sai Tree', which personifies peace and happiness in ancient Thai literature, the Sai Hall utilizes elements of nature and soft textures to exuberate tranquility and calmness.

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  • Bed & Dressing Room

    Dressing room and bedroom with shower included.

  • Occupancy

    Up to 350 guests.

  • Size

    Tarn Hall 350sq.m.

    Sila Hall 430sq.m.

    Sai Hall 564sq.m.

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  • Pet-friendly

    Pets are welcome at designated zones.


Set in a tropical landscape in the city, our venue offers a tranquil setting with catering options and floral decoration packages tailored to suit your needs for your special day.

Whether it be intimate dinners, engagement ceremonies or receptions of up to 350 guests, we are committed to work with you through each step to ensure a memorable experience.

Appointment is required for venue visit. Contact our team here for availability and special offers.

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